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Shall Women Vote - Annie R. Young, Editorial, Canisteo, February 26, 1894 Canisteo Times.

Nothing is politically right that is morally wrong.

One of the foundation stones of a Republic is a fair and honest vote. This our county can never have until it enfranchises women to vote. Men realize this and admit that the event is a foregone conclusion, that ultimately it must come. They pretend not to see it and carry on their wholesale political robbery in spite of the earnest able appeals for justice that the large-brained leaders of our reform are constantly making. They laugh and pretend that they hugely enjoy the shafts they send, but they must feel that many of them have been tipped with truth.

Nothing is politically right that is morally wrong and some day the nobel exertions of these women will compel men to admit the outrage being done to the Spirit of Liberty and they will have to right the wrong done to the women of our land.

It is generally conceded that woman has an inherent right to the ballot, then why has she bbeen defrauded of that perogative? Why must she do battle for that which rightfully belongs to her? The weak slimey excuses men advance are unworthy the name of argument, they would scorn to use them in any other cause

Intelligent men know that the women of our land know enough to vote, but suppose they did not, they are still entitled to vote, the principle is still there.


It may be displaying poor taste in presuming to criticise the existing order of things, but I have half a mind to ask these lordly knights who claim a monopoly on brains, and citizenship, What is the matter with things generally anyway? Why are times so out of joint? Why are politicians dissatisfied, ministers digusted and newspapers all through the land finding fault with the way our government is being run? Why are the wheels tied, the furnace fires out, the industries dying, and the people crying for bread?

The conclusion is forced upon the weaker set that the majority of men do not know how to vote until after the election. Some of the very ones who brought this fate upon us are the ones who are now kicking.

Annie R. Young Canisteo, February 26, 1894 Canisteo Times.

June 7, 1894 Canisteo Times

It is probable that the suffrage committee of the consitutional convention will hear the advocates of woman's suffrage this week. The suffragist will have a speaker from each Senatorial district. The petitions from New York City contain the names of 11,576 women and 9364 men, besides the names of officials of organization which represent 111,000 men. The Steuben County petition contain the names of 3,297 women.