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Canisteo, New York

"In the summer of 1789 ...the first settlers conveyed their provisions, baggage, and families, from Newtown on a seven-ton boat, while four sons of Mr. Uriah Stephens drove the cattle along the shore. The ascent, of the river was no easy task, as frequently they were obliged to cut away the trunks of trees, and dams of the driftwood to clear a passage for their boat... Having gained the upper flats,...the pioneers proceeded to build a house of logs 26 feet long and 24 feet wide. There was only one room below. Four fireplaces were excavated in the four corners of the room, and with plenty of wood the settlers passed the winter quite comfortably. Two families spent the winter in this log palace, and in the spring two others were admitted, each occupying a corner and arranging their domestic affairs in their own way, with as much good-humor as if their apartments had been separated by brick and mortar. History of Steuben County, New York by Clayton 1879 more history

Historically Canisteo has been a logging and farming community. Crops include corn, wheat, potato, and apparently from this Freeland Canisteo Family Photo, Canisteo is also a good place to raise children. Click here to read the farm life diary of 18 year-old Archie Spencer who in 1919 lived in South Howard half way between Canisteo and Bath.

Before there was a Mother's Day or a Father's Day - In Canisteo -there was Children's Day. Click the picture to read more about how this holiday was celebrate the first week of June in our town.


How the Canisteo American Legion Got Its Tank

Click on the tank for Storyteller Bob Peisher's tale of how the Canisteo American Legion got it Tank! s

Hornellsville Ledger

Click on ledger to take a peek inside food prices and labor wages in these ledger entries from 1860-1864 between Joseph Eason and John Marley of Hornellsville and Canisteo.



The Spring Medicine

"All run down" from the weakening effects of warm, weather, you need a good tonic and blood purifier like Hood's Sarsaparilla. Do not put off taking it. Numerous little ailments, if neglected, will soon break up the system. Take Hood's Sarsaparilla now, to expel disease and give you strength and appetite. HOOD'S PILLS are the best family cathartic and liver medicine. Harmless, reliable, sure. "

Canisteo Connection to HOOD'S PILLS



Sunday in 1894 was serious business for the Canisteo Board of Trustees who passed their own version of a Blue Law for barber shops. As it appeared in The Canisteo Times

" No person shall keep a barber shop or place where shaving or hair cutting is practiced open between the hours of twelve o'clock Saturday night and twelve o'clock the following Sunday night under a penalty of five dollars for each offence. Passed with four ayes by President Carroll, and trustees Tucker, Lyon and Laine

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